WE are a small Fleet service company repairing many types of fleet vehicles. The owner is doing all he can to keep the doors open and our employees paid. We will not last much longer if the city and county leaders keep this politically motivated shut down in place! The cure is doing more harm then the virus! Open business back up!

Post #321

We had recently opened the office 12/2019 and slowly developing a new patient base with the surrounding community. Although I am able to see urgent eye health issues to reduce emergency room visits, I have not been able see many urgent visits to keep that staff on. We've taken many measures to prevent our funds from bleeding dry but we know we still have to make rent and pay bills. As a new business, this is a difficult time to continue this way. Thank you for your time!

Post #343

We have fortunate been able to hold virtual classes, but we do not know how we will hold our recital event which is one of our biggest income sources for the year.

Post #342

We have so many part time and full time employees who depend on their paychecks!! Many of our employees are older women, ages 55-65, who would have a really difficult time finding another job if we closed. Magpies has been open over 35 years and we have NEVER been through anything like this. If we don't t open soon, we will not make it.

Post #319

We just opened 6 weeks when corona shut us down. We eMploy 13 people and have been. Struggling immensely.

Post #346

I am the owner of a commercial center. My tenants are all struggling from the shut down and therefore do not have customers. They are asking for deferred rent payments. It is an endless cycle that effects my ability to pay expenses, and our mortgage payments etc. Please find a way to balance safety with allowing our community to go back to work. This is not sustainable for our economy or people's mental health.

Post #259

I have a beauty salon in a retirement community. The director of the community told me I have to close the shop due to the order. So I closed and went home. It's been a rat race trying to get unemployment benefits and have heard nothing from them in a month and when I call it's busy! I have no money ! Either we open or I'll be forced to go house to house for work like many other hairstylists! Can you please help me?

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As an new owner operator business we are struggling to find businesses that are open and operating to haul flatbed loads. Although we are considered "essential"that doesn't matter if no one is moving freight. It's our plea and prayer that we can get back to work safely and soon as possible. The ratio of cases versus the population seems relatively low and begs the question when can we start to reopen the county.

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Due to covid 19 Lock Down regulations I have lost 90% of my clients. Please understand that THIS HAS IMPACTED MY FINANCIAL AND MENTAL HEALTH! Please consider reopening the city due to the rippling negative effects that OUT WAY THE EFFECTS OF COVID 19! People that would other wise be healthy and if contracted the virus be able to self quarantine and beat it should be able to get back into the work force!!! Vulnerable populations stay inside and away from public areas!

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For 7 years, I have nurtured and built my business and while doing that I built a powerful brand. One that has not just become synonymous with health and fitness at a high level but one that has become a part of the local community. For some it is a social place. For others it is a place of control and discipline, and then there are those view it as a sanctuary. Somewhere to decompress and relieve the pressures of the day or week or just life in general. And they come through my doors to do all of that and more. I own a gym. Until March 20 I had a very solid and very successful business. I had little debt, a thriving and about to be franchised brand and a solid membership base. On March 20, that changed and like many businesses I was forced by state mandate to close my doors. Member billing is suspended and my income has dried up completely. I have had no income for 5 weeks. Additionally I have lost $3000 just this week in membership cancellations due to covid concerns and associated job losses. In just over 4 weeks, 7 years of work has been brought to a screeching halt. The bills remain due, the rent still needs paid, but I have been stripped of my right to conduct the business which will allow me to meet those obligations and put food on my family's table and a roof over our heads. And there is no definitive end in sight. We are unable to budget or plan for the future. I had no loans before this, I don't particularly want a loan now (there's no money left in the SBA program anyways) but unless I can open my doors in the next 14 days, I'm going to be forced to do exactly that. Enough is enough. It's time to stand up to protect what we have worked so hard for. Let's put Texas back to work!

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