It has not effected my business as much as others but its just wrong to keep people from working while the mayor and county judge keep getting paid in full.

Post #333

We've been hit with a cut in sales of around 60% or more... but at least we are open at our 2 locations. The location with drive thru lane is performing better. Otherwise, we are scrambling to bring attention to customers that we are indeed open and trying all kinds of promotions and discounts and partnering with neighboring shops in the center. We even made our own sanitizer to sell AT COST to attract customers, which was quite successful. But nothing would be better than to get back to normal, to see businesses operating, to be able to pay our bills, and wake up from this dreadful nightmare!

Post #335

Like all businesses, the virus caught us by surprise. We have been in business since 2006 and our first year in business was never as difficult as the problems presented today. We had to furlough employees who have been with us since our opening day in an effort to give them the financial stability we cannot give with our doors open. It was the moral and socially responsible thing to do. Each day, we lose the ground that took us 14 years to gain customer loyalty and trust in a very competitive business. The city, the state and country needs to reopen for business now before it's too late.

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On March 1st, 2020 an american dream became a reality when I became a small business owner to a small pub in Houston, TX. The journey itself would make a great book. It is one amazing journey that spans 40 years, 3 countries, escape from communism, escape from cultural persecution, life with war, life with terrorism, years of poverty, a love story, and achieving the true American Dream. After taking ownership we only had an opportunity to operate 7 business days before mandated closure.

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Opening areas of the county and city with low rates of the virus makes sense. The new normal of face masks, gloves and sanitation should be and will be followed. The PPP program has already run out of money in the first go around. That means a soft opening the only way to give life line to the Small Businesses that are struggling to stay in business. Please do the right thing!

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Our gym is for kids ages 4 - 17. We have been closed since March 16th and I have furloughed all our employees. We are a small business that only opened in 2018. We can place the proper safeguards in place to protect our kids such as having small classes, sanitizing procedures, etc to allow for healthy kids to come to the gym to get the exercise they need.

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Our office has non-essential and some essential staff working from home. All agree Social Distancing will need to be continued and realize the importance of this. However, American needs to move forward and deal with this Virus Pandemic wisely and not hide from it. Negative consequences are hugely mounting and will continue to be felt from shutting down so much of the Economy. Like anything, it is a trade off. Hopefully people will be 'smart' in the way they interact as they return to working. And treatments and testing will be more available for those that contract this Covid19. These are not easy decisions for politicians but local Counties need to be the ones to make decisions for their specific areas.

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Part of our patient base is home bound patients, referred to our office by home health agencies. Due to the shutdown, most home health agencies are not working, thus reducing the number of patients that we are able to see. The longer the shutdown, the more people will suffer, not just economically but mentally. The coronavirus is a problem, but the solution cannot and should not be worse than the problem itself.

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Protecting people is our top priority. Citizens should be able to exercise their civil rights, free to choose to go to work and earn an income. Houston is in economic trouble amidst the COVID-19 and Oil Industry collapse. Our small business requires for other area businesses to be open and active in order for provide all of our employees full time wages and benefits,

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Since the Coronavirus our business has shut down and our revenue has dropped 100%. We have workers who have been put in a difficult situation since they are not able to provide for themselves or their family. By being shut down our business has suffered greatly and it will be hard to get back to where we have once were. We need to be able to open as soon as possible so we can get back to work and provide employment for our workers once more.

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