our sales down 80%, and will be filing bankruptcy if we don't get stimulus money.

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All businesses in Houston need to be reopened immediately

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I own marketing advertising company that does direct mail . I applied for Unemployment disaster relief. I sent in 2019 1099's and TWC came back with income of $0 and closed my claim. We moved back into home after Harvey in mid. 2019. We are rebuilding our credit. IRS stimulus check status is trying to determine eligibility. I made mistake of filling in direct deposit under non filers. Apparently others have done save thing. Now what? I am hard working person. This isn't my fault. I need help. Why can't they make this fair process and help all human beings that pay taxes, work hard and desperate. Can IRS use non filer info for direct deposit? Why can't they do stimulus package $2k and accept TWC not able to handle to get job done. It's been over 1 month. That's not acceptable when you have no money. I have made over 2K calls. to TWC. I have zero money coming in.

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I am a small company with just about 1 and a half year of servicing Houston area We are a general contractor We had followed all the directions to prevent the spread of Corona virus With that comes less calls less customers Lower income and is hard to keep with expenses

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I am a solo physician, not seeing my usual number of patients, I am still doing my pay roll , paying medical insurance of my employees and all recurrent office expenses, We need help

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If people don't have jobs, then they can't afford critical health services that also saves lives. Please consider.

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With the double whammy of Coronavirus and oil prices, Houston needs to get moving. We also should be seeking test kits from wherever we can get them.

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We need to re-open or the consequenses to most will be far worse than getting the Coronavirus

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It has not effected my business as much as others but its just wrong to keep people from working while the mayor and county judge keep getting paid in full.

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We provide retail lease space to many dozens of small businesses who the government has ordered closed, and dozens more whose business are are so limited that they lose money. The current orders are devastating to the commercial real estate industry. Local government insists on collecting property tax for this period while simultaneously ordering large portions of the property unuseable. The orders are even more devastating to individual small business owners and their employees. Comments we have received from such businesses include: "COVID-19 has left me without work and zero income coming in for at least three weeks, and the next projected lift to work is May 4 (hoping that doesn't extend further again) I understand we are all struggling, I still cannot believe this is our world right now. I'm a single mother of two and trying everything I can to get through this. " "Since this Coronavirus disaster started, people scared and my business went down and very slow, after that city announced about stay home order, business went more down and all day only 5,6 customer at the store.. this is the only way of our household income to pay our bills and our hands are very tight in this situation" "I had to let my staff go because i can't pay them." "[O]ur number of patients has decreased in the last weeks to only 50% of the average. This has had a severe impact on the clinic's finances since while the income was cut in half, on the other hand, the expenses did not decrease and on the contrary tended to increase." "Even if we can reopen our center after this closure period, it will take months for us to return to normal operating status. This is an uncertain and scary time for our learning center because we are a small franchise and do not have larger assets that we can rely on. " Many other businesses communicating with us express similar sentiments.

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