Our business has stopped with all of the area shutdowns.

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I own several rental properties and tenants can no longer pay their rent. Of course, I still have bills to pay related to the properties. How am I supposed to pay my bills when my tenants can’t pay me??

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Get back to business! This is killing the retail community.

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I am an independent contractor in commercial real estate. I work with many small business owners and owners of commercial properties throughout Texas - mostly Houston and surrounding areas. As of March 2019, my business has suffered to the point of little to no transactions working, pending or on the horizon. It is incomprehensible that the whole Country is being taken down. I don't want anyone to die. However many will be desperate and will take desperate actions ... which will include theft, muggings, B&Es, suicide, rioting, etc The Government does not have the ability to carry us all. This is a Country of people who work hard, create and build their own way. A Land of Opportunity. Let us do what we do best .... Overcome Please open our businesses back up. Dana

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We are landlords and our tenants are anxious to open their stores back up and get back to business.

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We have been in business for over 40 years and have overcome many business challenges. This is by far the scariest. It is hard to survive losing months of business. It is time to open. Permit us to at least have groups of 10 or less in the store. We would like to continue for another 49 years, however it is difficult with our doors closed.

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Because of the Coronavirus, we have to close our business. We couldn’t make any money during this time period. Although the situation is very serious, we don’t have a clue as how to provide income for all the employees and our family as well.

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As the new owner (effective March 1st) of an already established business, I was forced to close our physical doors to our families after spring break. While our families have supported our transition to online dance instruction for the month of April, I am fearful this will not be the case for May. May is our largest month financially, and the monies brought in during this month help us survive the summer (our slow season) that will quickly follow behind this. I am fearful that should this extend through May, we will not be here come August. What concerns me even more are the devastating impacts this is having mentally, emotionally, and physically on our students. For my younger students (particularly 2.5-8 years old), I fear the lack of socialization. Socialization skills learned at this age are crucial to their long term success. For my older dancers I fear the depression brought on by the immediate absence and support of their peers and role models, as well as the increased dependence on social media in place of this absence. For my dancers wishing to pursue dance in college or as a career, the time they are currently missing training in the studio will be critical in their ability to succeed in their future careers. It is no secret that childhood obesity has been an issue for some time in America. Without the reopening of children programs like Memorial Dance Center, it will continue to be a long, hard battle in a time where every American's health is being told to be our priority.

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Operating at 10-29% normal and now the summer will be catch up time instead of getting ahead of the winter months. Seriously need to reopen and let people exercise their free rights. The government needs to represent and not rule! The choices made today will be long lasting, so time to bring us back is now!

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We have been in our current business for 15 years. We are continuing to pay our employees through the end of April and are praying we can reopen on May 1. The statistics as bad as they are for the corona virus, are not as high as the deaths normally experienced in a given year from suicide, heart disease, high blood pressure , hospital or medical procedures resulting in accidental deaths , opioid deaths, traffic death accidents , influenza deaths , as well as just age related deaths combined! And never have we had such hardships inflicted in the American people. Every job is essential if it puts food on your table and supports your family ! As Americans, we need to work to provide for these necessities and quit living in fear. We are responsible adults who can adhere to the safety guidelines of social distancing , hand washing, not gathering in large groups, sanitizing products , and wearing gloves and masks when necessary .... all of which does not keep us from opening and operating our small business !

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