As long as the medical experts feel it's safe, I would appreciate letting us return to work while practicing social distancing. Maybe the answer is employees stagger their work days in the office. We can do this, i.e. stagger days in the office, to reduce physical contact. And, employees who advocated working from home are now expressing a great desire to return to the office even though some have a very long commute. Again, safety is a most important.

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Business has always an important leadership role in American civic society. Many business led early in this epidemic by shutting their offices down to help contain our risk. However we would also like to lead as we get America back to business again. Without economic activity, our healthcare system cannot process this pandemic, and our food supply chains break down. We must find ways to allow economic activity to return in a smart way, balancing public health with public prosperity.

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I am a sole proprietor who represents several lines of textiles for sale to the wholesale trade. Many of my vendors and customers have had to lay off and furlough their employees, essentially shutting my business down. Business was bustling during the first quarter of this year and has now come to an abrupt stop.

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If we don't get back to work, we may never recover. This whole situation is over-hyped and over sensationalized. We'll look back at this as one of the biggest economic mistakes in US history.

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