We planned to open May 30 and that now has to be delayed which will cause us to incur massive unexpected costs.

Post #53

We have been a leader in our field for 39 years and would like to allow customers to be able to visit our showroom by appt. only until this threat has passed. I don't believe the government should decide the fate of our businesses.

Post #40

We have seen our revenues reduced by 50%, we have reduced 1 employee will have to reduce 2 more if the present situation continues.

Post #25

Due to federal and state guidelines, I was required to shut down 2 Stretch Zone locations, effectively reducing my revenue to zero while still having fixed obligations like rent, utilities, etc. It is imperative that we smartly and safely allow businesses to reopen.

Post #33

I am a dentist and am unable to work due to Covid 19. I anticipate having lots of trouble paying my bills if I can't go back to work or get some kind of financial assistance.

Post #36

I'm well aware of how to get back to work and protect to the utmost extent myself and others with my actions. I no longer need your help understanding social distance rules. Americans can live along side this disease.

Post #23

Local real estate brokerage, insurance and property tax service owner. Really need to open up as normal as possible May 1st.

Post #29

Magpies Gifts has been in business for 37 years . We are a family owned and operated business, with three locations around Houston. We have been closed for nearly a month but are hustling online sales. Although it is some cash flow coming in, it is less than a third of what we would normally be doing this time of year. So far we have been able to continue to pay our 50 part and full time employees but the money is quickly disappearing. We applied for the loan as soon as the applications were being accepted but have not heard a word back yet. These are desperate times for sure.

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My name is Scott Sanders, and I am the co-Managing Partner and Co-CEO of Planet Fitness Houston, an independent owner, operator and exclusive developer of 24 Planet Fitness gyms in the greater Houston area. Our business employs approximately 350 hourly and salary employees as well as partnering with Workforce Solutions apprentice programs. Our business closed on March 19 pursuant to the governor's executive order. As a result of the closure, we have suspended all member billing and have no source of income from operations. We furloughed 85% of our workforce retaining only club managers and corporate employees, whose expertise is needed to administer and reopen the business when permissible. We have taken liquidity preservation measures, engaged our bank syndicate for relief and applied for federal assistance through the SBA's PPP Loan Program. We want to be part of the public/private solution that puts community safety, economic recovery and stabilization in the forefront. We lend our support to the Houston Coronavirus Business Group,

Post #28

We are at a point where it is imperative that we allow businesses to reopen even if in a reduced capacity with social distancing and other restrictions. There has to be a way to allow businesses to operate. This country was built on the free enterprise system and it has been taken away from us. While the government officials and medical professionals are doing what they think is in the best interest for the public, they continue to draw a paycheck whether they do a good job or not. Those of us that are self-employed only earn a paycheck if we do a good job. Please let us get back to work.

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