Even though we are a required service and our business is operating business as usual, we are experiencing a cash flow issues due to clients not being able to pay with Oder currently in place.

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Even though we can work remotely, my architectural firm has seen a 50% decline in our workload. Clients of putting projects on hold partly to honor the stay at home order.

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I have had almost zero sales due to have to closing

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I own a printing and e-discovery business with 10 employees. Our sales are down 99%. We need businesses to reopen.

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My business Raspberry Rose was closed due to the mandatory closure of non essential businesses on March 25, 2020. I have 3 part time employees and 2 salaried full time employees all of whom I am continuing to pay. This is very hard on me as my fund will soon dry up unless I can get my doors reopened. I still have to pay my rent, utilities and my bills for cost of goods. I have had to cancel orders which has affected other businesses in turn. I am hoping and praying we can open the doors on May 1st. Even so, business will be slow for months to come.

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My partners and I own a shopping center, due to the shutdown none of our smaller tenants, including doctors and dentists, made their April rent payments. Hence, I am very concerned that many of them will go out of business unless we start opening up businesses after April 30, while still providing for proper safety measures as social distancing, requiring masks be worn in public, not allowing gatherings of greater than 10 people, and etc.

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My studio has teachers who rent space from me for my machines. I had to close for the safety of all clients working out on my Pilates and GYROTONIC machines. We are an extremely clean studio. And not crowded with teachers and clients. But we have been closed for over a month and it has hurt all my teachers that work here , and myself. Our funds are all running out to pay rent or buy groceries. We would all like to get back to what we love. Helping people get back to health through exercising! With Pilates and GYROTONIC. The one on one attention we give our clients is very specific to these modalities. We could stay the 6 ft distance and we can clean after every client and wash our hands before and after every client or wear protective gloves and masks if needed. We need to get back to work !

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The curve seems to be flattened; the medical resources have not been overwhelmed; attitudes and behaviors have changed significantly. It's time to restart this economy and get back to work. We are a real estate developer and manager with over 200 commercial tenants. The shut-down has crushed our tenants. April rent collections were slightly over 50%.

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As of March 17 , my business has been closed and my workers and myself are not making any money. If we were to open again , business would be back and my workers would be able to feed their families and have a stable income again.

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For businesses, like our indoor adventure park, that by design must accommodate large crowds we should think about alternate controls such as daily cleaning or fogging routines to mitigate risk.

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