We successfully opened on Friday May 1st. Following Governor Abbott, CDC and all Health department regulations, as well as some others implemented by us to protect all of our employees and our guest that patronize our business. We can do this!! HOUSTON STRONG

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We are a small health club and are often grouped together with the "big box" clubs which differ greatly from us. On a typical day we have no more than 10-15 members in our 8000 square foot club at any given time which we do not consider a health concern. We are small enough where sanitizing and cleaning the club several times per day is considered a simple task. We're also small enough that we can monitor and make sure our members are practicing safe measures. We are family owned and operated and have invested a great deal of our life's savings in this club and cannot afford to continue operating if the business remains closed for much longer.

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Wingo Service Company was incorporated in 1989 with complete turnkey ability for instrumentation and analyzer projects. We quickly grew into a full-service industrial and commercial electrical service company, with a field service fleet of 25 vehicles, providing service for our customers all over the United States, Mexico, and South America, with our main territory in the Texas and the Louisiana Gulf Coasts. COVID-19 fatality rates are indicating 0.1%, which is comparable to the seasonal flu. Also, contagion rates are indicating to be much higher, by orders of magnitude. The models were very wrong. Shutting down the economy was never the appropriate response and was never tenable. We have applied for the Paycheck Protection Plan but have still not received any funding. We must now start to layoff our workforce in order to survive. The government has created this problem and has not offered any relief. Politicians and Media are destroying this country. Back to work today! Enough of this shutdown nonsense.

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Our business is losing profit and inability to attend to loyal customers.

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We are a retail gift shop established in 2000 serving the Tanglewood / Memorial area in Houston. Over the last twenty years we have weathered historic floods, destructive hurricanes and economic downturns. None of them can compare to the financial hit we have taken as a result of the lockdown. Curb side pick up for retail establishments may sound good on paper but in the real world it doesn’t pay the rent. Getting our customers back in our stores is the only thing that will save us and simple logic would dictate that we can do it every bit as safely as the big box stores and grocery stores.

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We have been affected by the Cornavirus and it has made it hard to keep our business open. As opposed to manufactoring where transactions can happen at a later date...in the restaurant business any tranactions/revenue not captured on a specific day are lost forever. We need an end to this situation to remain a viable business.

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Life is not without risk. When the pandemic occurred we had no idea what the 'death toll' would be. Since we are dealing with facts; the Harris County death is .0019% of the population; not the 50% we were afraid of. The pandemic has turned out to be similar in size and scope of the annual influenza virus we experience every year. There is no sense in waiting it out as the infectious rate will never be zero. Our way of life and economy are not worth destroying because of this health concern.

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Good morning, I am a self-employed Christian relationship/marriage counselor and the virus shut down has stopped most all my business. I went from having the best year in 2020 with television interviews, training seminars with large corporations and daily counseling appointments. I also help people prepare for new jobs by revising their resumes and getting them ready for the interview process. My last "normal" day was March 6th and since that time everything has come to a screeching halt. I have applied for the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program to no avail and calls to their offices are always busy signals. I do offer online counseling, but most people prefer in-person appointments. Now with the economic impact of the shut down and the uncertainty of when people will be allowed to go back to work, I believe people are very fearful of spending money on services like I offer.

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I left a great job to start my own consulting practice two weeks before the shutdown. If not for the virus and the ensuing actions, I would probably have more work than I could handle, but now because of closures, one client delayed work and two other proposals are likely to be kicked down the road.

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Revenue since January has declined over 50%. Many clients are either facing financial issues due to their employment or think "Stay at Home" means don't let anyone into you home. We are an Essential Company and practicing extreme safety processes. Currently, paying anything other than payroll is almost impossible.

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